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Multi-vendor food market place

A market place for grocery shopping from the best local markets, shops and artisanal producers built on Aimeos

  • Market place
  • B2C
  • food
  • Laravel

About is a marketplace for grocery shopping from the best local markets, shops and artisanal producers. We provide a complete solution for vendors to sell online: from marketing tools to e-commerce and local/national delivery, we let small businesses focus on selling while we take care of the technological and operational side.

The project started as a prototype based on WooCommerce a few years ago based only in the city of Cagliari (Italy). After receiving funding from EU H2020 program and the local government of Sardinia, in late 2017 we decided to evolve to a national service covering all Italy with more features and a more robust platform.

The web application

To reach our objective we needed to develop a custom web application ready to support with optimal performance:

  • thousands of vendors in a marketplace environment
  • at least 100 000 products
  • ability to completely customise both front-end and back-end
  • multi-language/multy-currency capable

After reviewing the available solutions, we decided to build a PHP app in Laravel, with Aimeos as our e-commerce engine, thanks to its support for multiple vendors/markets and it's flexible set of features. We have choosen Aimeos as it was easy to integrate within our platform and not bloated with un-needed functionality but instead focused on providing a strong solution for orders/products/cart management.

We have done a deep customisation of the front-end and created a new back-office area to service the needs of small shops and customers. All the layout is completely responsive and it has been designed to allow buyers and sellers to manage their orders and products easily from their cell phones. A new payment service has been integrated to give a flexible way to pay multiple vendors at the same time, while being fully compliant with EU strict rules on money laundering and account security. Also delivery management and tracking has been integrated into the user dashboard and allows to have a full overview of all the delivery steps.


With Aimeos at its core, Botteega is now offering a robust solution to vendors and an easy and simple way for customers to buy products previously not available online. Although still in a startup phase, we are now ready to scale our business at national level to become the main solution-provider for local grocers and artisanal food producers.

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Botteega is created by a group of enthusiasts of fresh and homemade food, one that is always on the road in local markets, in shops around the corner and visiting small manufacturers.