Aimeos in your language

You are a native speaker and can help translating the Aimeos shop into your language or improve existing translations? That's really great! Your skills are perfect to enable access for you and other native speakers to one of the best web shop systems.

  1. Create a Transifex account if you don't already have one
  2. Start translating the missing strings of an existing language or
  3. Apply as a translator for a new language before you can start

The following parts can be translated:

Transifex offers a very nice and efficient web interface for translating strings. If you are unsure what is meant by one of the strings, you can always have a look into the source code that is referenced by each string in the interface.

Help other developers

You are a software developer and understand enough English to read the developer documentation? Others maybe not and you can help them to use Aimeos by translating the documentation to your language. This is also a really good method to become an export for Aimeos shops.

  1. Contact us so we can create an account for you
  2. Log into the Aimeos Wiki
  3. Click on the "Translate this page" link on top of each article

You don't have to translate all articles or every passage, only the ones that are interesting for you. Others may do this as well and then the articles are translated without much work for you.