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What is Aimeos?

Aimeos is an Open Source PHP library and e-commerce framework offering a set of full-featured e-commerce components for online shop applications and market places. The e-commerce framework is integrated into simple to use components that are available for a wide range of frameworks and applications. For example, existing integrations are the

The easier a online shop can be set up, the more people are able to use it. Therefore, one of our major goals is to enable potential shop owners to install Aimeos web shops with a single click, e.g. by using the

You are exited about the features and would like to use it in your own application? Maybe we can join forces and create an integration together. Get in touch with us to see how we are able to help!

What's next?

There are several projects that are on our road map. Have a look what will happen next!

Want to join one of those or integrate Aimeos into another framework or CMS? Contact us to get on board!