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2017.x version


The account configuration options are all related to the "my account" features of Aimeos (e.g. for a customer's order history). To use the functionality, customers need to create a personal account first.


There are at least two different basket implementations available: The big standard basket and a small mini basket that provides a short summary about what is currently in the basket of the customer. Furthermore, a "related" component is available to display content that's related to the content of the current basket of the customer, e.g. what other customers also bought.

A configuration option that is shared between all basket implementations:

Each component can be configured for specific needs:


The product catalog contains a lot of components that can be placed separately like the filter, list and detail view for searching, organizing and viewing products. There are also additional components that provide the suggested product names while you type in the search box, the product counts for the filter and the current stock levels. The session related user content which contains the last seen products are also part of this.


Customers use the checkout process to enter their address details and chose a delivery and payment option. Furthermore, there are clients for the "thank you" page after the customer successfully finished ordering and for accepting asynchronous payment status updates.


There are some common options that are used by several HTML clients from different domains like from the basket and checkout domain. Furthermore, some important settings you should know are described in this section, that affect all components:

The configuration possibilities are:


The Aimeos web shop can send out e-mails after for every payment and delivery status update which also includes the confirmation e-mail. Some configuration options listed in this section are very important for shop owners as you should configure at least the e-mail addresses!

The options that are shared and which you should keep an eye on:

All e-mails can be adapted to your requirements:


Aimeos is capable of handling multiple languages and currencies in one installation and contains a component for allowing visitors to switch between the configured language/currency combinations.