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Payment e-mails are sent out by the order/email/payment job after the payment status of an order has changed. This is also used for the order confirmation e-mails which are sent when the payment status is "authorized" or "received". The available order payment status values are :

  • PAY_REFUND (3)

For each of these payment status values you are able to send out an e-mail to the customers informing them about the payment status change. For which status changes e-mails are sent is configured via the controller/jobs/order/email/payment/standard/status setting.

E-Mail settings

Shop owners have the possibility to configure specific e-mail settings for the payment e-mails that differ from the common settings. Each specific setting overwrites the correlated common setting for the payment e-mails. The list of specific settings are:


Payment e-mails consists of a HTML and a text part. They are sent in one e-mail as alternative views and the mail clients will display the one that is preferred by the customer. Like the other components, they are composed of several subparts which can be rearranged, replaced, removed or new ones added. The HTML subparts are configured via the client/html/email/payment/html/standard/subparts setting while the text subparts can be changed with the client/html/email/payment/text/standard/subparts option.


The available HTML subpart implementations are:

The order summary subpart use the shared summary partials, so changes for the basket or checkout summary are automatically reflected in the HTML e-mails. For more information please have a look at the article about adapting the common summary subparts.


For the text subpart implemenations, the same sections are available too:

Contrary to the HTML part, the subpart for the text order summary doesn't shared partials with other components, only with the delivery e-mails. Please remember that when you adapt the account history, standard basket, checkout summary or the HTML e-mail order summary.


You can adapt the templates for the HTML/text payment e-mails itself and the included sections by overwriting the templates in your own extension or configuring alternative template names:

If you want to change the HTML structure of one of the templates, please have a look at the original versions to ensure that you don't loose essential functionality.

Templates for each status

For each payment status value, you can create a subpart template that has precedence over the common template, e.g. the html/text "intro" template can be different depending if it's used for a status e-mail that is sent because the payment has been refund, authorized or received. This is already used for the "refund", "pending" and "received" status values.

All payment e-mail templates are in ./client/html/templates/email/payment/ directory of the core or the overwritten ones in the same directory within your Aimeos extension. To use your own status specific templates, you need to place them in sub-directories that are named after the payment status values, e.g.


for the HTML intro body template specific for "payment received" e-mails. This can be done for all payment status values, so you can adapt each type of e-mail totally to your needs.