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A list of domain names whose items should be available in the product detail view template

client/html/catalog/detail/domains = Array
   [0] => media
   [1] => price
   [2] => text
   [3] => attribute
   [4] => product
   [5] => product/property
  • Default: Array
  • Type: array - List of domain names
  • Since: 2014.03


The templates rendering product details usually add the images, prices, texts, attributes, products, etc. associated to the product item. If you want to display additional or less content, you can configure your own list of domains (attribute, media, price, product, text, etc. are domains) whose items are fetched from the storage. Please keep in mind that the more domains you add to the configuration, the more time is required for fetching the content!

Since version 2014.05 this configuration option overwrites the "client/html/catalog/domains" option that allows to configure the domain names of the items fetched for all catalog related data.

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