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Shows all named checkout subparts at once for a one page checkout

client/html/checkout/standard/onepage = Array
  • Default: Array
  • Type: array - List of checkout subparts name
  • Since: 2015.05


Normally, the checkout process is divided into several steps for entering addresses, select delivery and payment options as well as showing the summary page. This enables dependencies between two steps like showing delivery options based on the address entered by the customer. Furthermore, this is good way to limit the amount of information displayed which is preferred by mobile users.

Contrary to that, a one page checkout displays all information on only one page and customers get an immediate overview of which information they have to enter and what options they can select from. This is an advantage if only a very limited amount of information must be entered or if there are almost no options to choose from and no dependencies between exist.

Using this config options, shop developers are able to define which checkout subparts are combined to a one page view. Simply add the names of all checkout subparts to the list. Available checkout subparts for a one page checkout are:

  • address
  • delivery
  • payment
  • summary

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