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The client JSON REST API enables to you to use Aimeos in your mobile app or enhance your online shop with dynamic features without page reloads. You have full access to all data that's also available in the HTML frontend but have to care about presentation of the data yourself.


The attribute endpoint let retrieve you more details about (product) attributes, e.g. texts in different languages, images and prices. Access to attribute data is read-only.


To buy products, you have to put them into the basket first, add address data and add the delivery and payment option chosen by the customer. The basket domain of the JSON REST API lets you manage the baskets of the customers until ordering.


The catalog endpoint organizes the products into categories. You can retrieve the category tree or parts thereof. Access to the catalog data is read-only.


The common domain is no REST API endpoint and can't be accessed directly. But it contains common implementation details and configuration used by all other domains.


The REST endpoints of the customer domain allows you to create new customers, manage their addresses and references to other domains, e.g. the products in the favorite or watch list.


By using the locale endpoint, you can retrieve the available sites, language and currency combinations. Users can then chose from one of the available entries and the REST API will return the items in the selected language and currency from the current site (in multi-store or market place environments).


When the customer wants to order products in the basket and the basket is complete (address, delivery and payment option), the order endpoint must be used to proceed. You can create the required order item and the the endpoint will return the URL to the payment provider.


To retrieve, filter and sort products depending on the input of the user, you need to ask the product endpoint of the JSON REST API. It will return product items in paged results based on the search string, category or attributes from faceted search.


Services are of type delivery or payment and this endpoint will return the available delivery and payment options. One of each must be added to the basket using the basket endpoint before ordering.


The product stock levels are volatile and must be retrieved separately from the products. You can ask the stock endpoint for stock levels of one or more products based on the product code.