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There are a lot of configuration options available and documented in the Configuration section. To add or overwrite configuration options in the demo application, you must add the options you would like to change to a file in the <arcavias-demo>/config/ directory where you can also find the resource.php for the database configuration.

The keys in the configuration documentation are always in the form:

client/html/catalog/filter/default/button = 1

To use such a key, take the string up to the first slash (/) and add ".php". This is the name of the configuration file you will need to create if it doesn't exist yet. For the example above it would be


The PHP file must contain the PHP prologue and only one return statement that returns the complete configuration array. Each string between the slashes in the configuration keys is the key of an associative array like

  1. <?php
  2. return array(
  3.   'html' => array(
  4.     'catalog' => array(
  5.       'filter' => array(
  6.         'default' => array(
  7.           'button' => 0,
  8.         ),
  9.       ),
  10.     ),
  11.   ),
  12. );

The file name ("client" in this case) is not part of that array!

Don't miss the semicolon after the last closing bracket as the result must be valid PHP!