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This log contains a list of changes that might break your extension code or change the behavior of the frontend in a way that is different than before so a functionality won't work as expected any more:

Version 2015.x

Date Area Change Reference
2015-09-16 Controller Use specific decorators instead of domain wide decorators for ExtJS, frontend and jobs controller [1]
2015-08-10 MShop library Changed search level for searchItems() from SITE_ONE to SITE_ALL [2]
2015-08-05 MShop library Changed customer "vdate" search key to "dateverified" [3]
2015-07-16 MShop library Service provider must save modified order items itself [4]
2015-07-09 Core Renamed to aimeos-core in composer and manifest file [5]
2015-07-08 MShop library Extended updateSync() signature in service provider by body, response and header parameters [6]
2015-07-07 MShop library Added parameters as argument to process() method in payment service providers [7]
2015-07-07 HTML client Moved collecting and processing payment details to own checkout step [8]
2015-07-06 MShop library New request view helper for accessing request body and client IP address is necessary [9]
2015-06-05 MShop library More useful data is handed over to the plug-ins for delete*.after events instead of outdated data [10]
2015-04-27 ExtJS admin Configuration option for displaying all or only active languages in the admin interface has been moved from "controller/extjs/locale/language/default/showall" to "client/extjs/elements/language/showall" [11]
2015-04-11 HTML client Catalog stage images use "default" media type and "stage" catalog list type now (before it was "stage" media type and "default" catalog list type [12]
2015-04-06 Frontend controller New parameter for custom attribute values have been inserted before the warehouse code parameter in addProduct() method [13]
2015-04-06 HTML client Adapted config key for domains in catalog session pinned client from "client/html/catalog/detail/pinned/domains" to "client/html/catalog/session/pinned/domains" [14]
2015-03-28 HTML client Changed catalog detail selection/attribute config keys from "client/html/catalog/detail/basket/attribute/..." to "client/html/catalog/detail/basket/attribute/type/..." [15]
2015-03-27 HTML client Changed regular expressions to be valid for both, PHP and JS (without beginning and trailing slash) [16]
2015-03-27 HTML client Changed default address format to those of English speaking countries by default [17]
2015-03-25 HTML client Streamlined config keys for pinned products and use "client/html/catalog/session/pinned/url/..." instead of "client/html/account/pinned/url/..." [18]