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This log contains a list of changes that might break your extension code or change the behavior of the frontend in a way that is different than before so a functionality won't work as expected any more:

Version 2017.x

Date Area Change Reference
2017-04-03 HTML client Merged checkout order and process subparts [1]
2017-01-01 HTML client Replaced carousel and image zoom by Slick slider and PhotoSwipe [2]
2016-12-30 Core Changed cache interface to be more in line to upcoming PSR-16 standard [3]
2016-12-28 HTML client JQuery UI version update and removed IE 6,7,8 support [4]
2016-12-16 JSON Admin Use PSR-7 request/response objects [5]
2016-12-08 Core Moved product stock to own domain [6]
2016-12-05 HTML client Stock level check is done by basket plugin now [7]
2016-12-01 Core Renames warehouse to stock type [8]
2016-11-27 HTML client Moved breadcrumb into catalog stage template [9]
2016-11-26 HTML client Simplfied cache tag and expiry date calculation [10]
2016-11-25 Core Shortend address columns to avoid MySQL index length problem [11]
2016-11-22 HTML client Renamed l_pos parameter to d_pos [12]
2016-10-28 Core Removed setup tasks superseeded by DBAL updates [13]
2016-11-20 HTML client Combined order summary to one subpart [14]
2016-11-18 HTML client Improved selection and attribute templates for catalog components [15]
2016-11-16 HTML client Moved service subpart in catalog detail component [16]
2016-11-15 HTML client Moved basket subpart to main catalog detail class/template [17]
2016-11-14 HTML client Move the partials for specific components to their template directory [18]
2016-11-12 HTML client Simplified checkout summary option subparts [19]
2016-11-11 HTML client Simplified basket mini component [20]
2016-11-11 HTML client Simplified basket related component [21]
2016-11-11 HTML client Simplified basket related component [22]
2016-11-09 HTML client Simplified catalog detail component [23]
2016-11-07 HTML client Simplified payment e-mails [24]
2016-11-07 HTML client Simplified delivery e-mails [25]
2016-11-05 HTML client Simplified watch e-mail implementation [26]
2016-11-04 HTML client Simplified account e-mails [27]
2016-11-03 Flow, Laravel, SlimPHP, Symfony, TYPO3 Rename settings from "seperator" to "separator" [28]
2016-10-30 HTML client Simplified catalog list component [29]