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This log contains a list of changes that might break your extension code or change the behavior of the frontend in a way that is different than before so a functionality won't work as expected any more:

Version 2020.x

Date Area Change Reference
2019-10-28 HTML client Removed deprecations [1]
2019-10-28 JQAdm admin Removed deprecations [2]
2019-10-28 Job controller Removed deprecations [3]
2019-10-28 Core Removed deprecations [4]
2019-10-27 Core Renamed cleanupIndex()/ rebuildIndex() to cleanup()/rebuild() [5]
2019-10-26 Core Renamed cleanupBase() to clearBase() to reflect cleanup() -> clear() change [6]
2019-10-26 Core Renamed cleanup() to clear() to indicate that sites are completely wiped out [7]
2019-10-22 JQAdm Improved text subpanel implementation [8]
2019-10-21 JQAdm Improved price subpanel implementation [9]
2019-10-21 JQAdm Improved media subpanel implementation [10]
2019-10-21 JQAdm Implemented property table component [11]
2019-10-21 JQAdm Implemented config table component [12]
2019-10-14 Core Moved saveItem() declaration to specific manager interface [13]