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The Aimeos Flow web shop package is a composer based library that can be installed easiest by using Composer.

Make sure that the database is set up and it is configured. For TYPO3 Flow, this is done in your Configuration/Settings.yaml file and must at least include these settings:

  1. TYPO3:
  2.   Flow:
  3.     persistence:
  4.       backendOptions:
  5.         host: '<host name or IP address>'
  6.         dbname: '<database name'
  7.         user: '<database user name>'
  8.         password: '<secret password>'

Important: The configuration file format requires each additional indention to be two spaces. Not more, not less and no tabs at all! Otherwise, you will get an error about an invalid configuration file format.

Then add these lines to your composer.json of your Flow project:

  1.     "extra": {
  2.         "installer-paths": {
  3.             "Packages/Extensions/{$name}/": ["type:aimeos-extension"]
  4.         }
  5.     },
  6.     "prefer-stable": true,
  7.     "minimum-stability": "dev",
  8.     "require": {
  9.         "aimeos/aimeos-flow": "~2017.07",
  10.         ...
  11.     },

Afterwards, install the Aimeos shop package using

  1. composer update

To create all required tables and to add the demo data, you need to execute a Flow console command in the base directory of your Flow application:

  1. ./flow aimeos:setup --option=setup/default/demo:1

In a production environment or if you don't want that the demo data gets installed, leave out the --option=setup/default/demo:1 option.

You need to import the routes from the Aimeos web shop package into your Configuration/Routes.yaml nice looking URLs. Insert the lines below to the beginning of the Routes.yaml file:

  1. -
  2.   name: 'Aimeos'
  3.   uriPattern: 'shop/<AimeosShopRoutes>'
  4.   subRoutes:
  5.     AimeosShopRoutes:
  6.       package: 'Aimeos.Shop'

It's important to import the routes from the Aimeos web shop package before the FlowSubroutes lines. If you add it afterwards, the default Flow routes will match first and you will get an error that the requested package/action wasn't found.

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