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Next you should clear the Laravel cache files. Otherwise, you might get an exception due to old cached data:

php artisan cache:clear

Then, you should be able to call the catalog list page in your browser. For a quick start, you can use the integrated web server that is available since PHP 5.4. Simply execute this command in the base directory of your application:

php -S -t public

Afterwards, you will be able to open the list page of the shop in your browser using:

Integrating the Aimeos package adds some routes like /list or /admin to your Laravel installation but the home page stays untouched!

Disable caching

To simplify development, you should change the configuration to use no content cache.

You can do this in the config/shop.php file of your Laravel application by adding these lines at the bottom:

'madmin' => array(
    'cache' => array(
        'manager' => array(
            'name' => 'None',

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