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The core library contains a lot of configuration options documented in the Configuration section that can be changed in the aimeos_shop section of the config.yml file and they are displayed in the documentation like this:

client/html/catalog/filter/default/button = 1

Symfony uses the YAML configuration format by default which looks a little bit different. In YAML, each configuration part is indented by four additional spaces, so the "client" part below the "aimeos_shop" section is indented by four spaces while the "html" part is indented by eight spaces and so on.

As a rule of thumb, replace each slash (/) by a colon, a new line and four spaces (" ") for each additional indention:

  1. aimeos_shop:
  2.     client:
  3.         html:
  4.             catalog:
  5.                 filter:
  6.                     default:
  7.                         button: 1

Value lists

The same works with arrays of values as well. In this case you can shorten YAML syntax by using the square brackets ([ and ]) in front of the list of values:

  1. aimeos_shop:
  2.     client:
  3.         html:
  4.             catalog:
  5.                 filter:
  6.                     default:
  7.                         subparts: [search, tree, attribute]


Values that contains not only values consisting of a-z, A-Z and 0-9 should be enclosed in double quotes ("):

  1. aimeos_shop:
  2.     test: "my test value"

Some values can contain a percent sign, which is a special operator in YAML files. Those percent signs must be quoted with another percent sign. A value like "%1$s%2$s" must be added to the config.yml file as

  1. aimeos_shop:
  2.     test: "%%1$s%%2$s"

Area specifc

Sometimes it's necessary to apply configuration settings only to the frontend, the admin backend or the CLI commands. Aimeos currently supports three areas:

  • command
  • backend
  • frontend

The ./app/config/config.yml configuration file can contain sections with settings only for these areas. Inside these sections, you can add all configuration options available, e.g.

  1. aimeos_shop:
  2.     command:
  3.         madmin:
  4.             log:
  5.                 manager:
  6.                     standard:
  7.                         loglevel: 7
  8.     backend:
  9.         madmin:
  10.             log:
  11.                 manager:
  12.                     standard:
  13.                         loglevel: 5
  14.     frontend:
  15.         madmin:
  16.             log:
  17.                 manager:
  18.                     standard:
  19.                         loglevel: 4