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2016.x version

During development it's very useful to disable the internal content caching done by the Aimeos Symfony bundle. By default, the following output is cached:

  • HTML header and body of each component by the Aimeos caching framework
  • Small basket and last seen products in the session of the user

Thus, new content is only generated if you flush the caches and/or delete the frontend cookie in your browser.

The basket is also updated automatically if you add products to or delete products from the basket resp. modifying the basket content in another way.

To disable the content caching completely, add this to the aimeos_shop section of your config.yml file:

  1. aimeos_shop:
  2.     madmin:
  3.         cache:
  4.             manager:
  5.                 name: None

Don't disable the content caching in production environments! This can have a severe performance impact!

Since core version 2015.01 you can also disable caching user related data in the sessions via the client/html/basket/cache/enable configuration option.