TYPO3/Backend access control

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TYPO3 administrators have full access to all panels and all sites in the Aimeos administration interface but sometimes this isn't desired. Instead, editors shouldn't be TYPO3 administrators and only see the parts of the Aimeos backend they need to see.

Therefore, access to the Aimeos backend can be given to non-admin users in the TYPO3 instance as well. For this, you have to create these backend user groups (names are case sensitive!):

Same access level for non-admin users as for TYPO3 admin users (all panels and all sites)
Access to all panels in one site
Access to the panels editors need for their daily work in one site

To limit access for TYPO3 backend users in the Aimeos admin interface you have to:

  • Create a new group with label "super", "admin" or "editor"
  • Assign one of these groups to the TYPO3 backend user account that should have access to the Aimeos administration interface