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To enable the "My account" features on the corresponding shop page, you need to create a login page with user registration. TYPO3 6.2 already provides a login form out of the box and the "femanager" extension from the TER can care about features like user registration, double opt-in, changing passwords by the users and so on.

Create pages

If your page tree doesn't already contains pages for that, create a

  • page for the login (contains the login form)
  • sysfolder for the users (stores the frontend users)

The "My account" page must be accessible only by logged in users. The easiest way is to restrict the page access to a user group added to the sysfolder for the users.

Add a user group

Add a new user group
  • Click on WEB::List in the left navigation view
  • Select the user sysfolder in the page tree
  • Create a new record with the "+" icon on top
  • Choose "System Records" -> "Website Usergroup"
  • Add a name for your group in the title field
  • Save the record with one of the icons on top

You can add a test user in the same way by choosing "System Records" -> "Website User".

Restrict page access

Restrict page access
  • Click on WEB::Page in the left navigation view
  • Select the "My account" page in the page tree
  • Click on the "Edit page properties" icon on top
  • In the "Access" tab, select your group in the "Available Items" list
  • Save the page properties with one of the icons on top

In the page tree, the "My account" page should now be shown as a user restricted page.

Redirect not logged in users

Finally, if users want to access the "My account" page but aren't authenticated yet, they should be redirected to the login page.

  • Click on WEB::Template in the left navigation view
  • Select the root page in the page tree
  • Select "Info/Modify" in the drop-down on top
  • Click on the "Setup" link
  • Add the following lines to the TypoScript setup
  1. config.typolinkLinkAccessRestrictedPages = <page ID of your login page>
  2. config.typolinkLinkAccessRestrictedPages_addParams = &return_url=###RETURN_URL###

The first line redirects users to the login page if they aren't already logged in. You have to enter the page ID of your login page which can be found if you hover with your mouse over the page in your page tree. The second line redirects the users to the page they wanted to see originally after they successfully logged in.