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Steps to update your existing Version of the Aimeos TYPO3 Extension:

  1. Backup your TYPO3 installation (files and database), just in case...
  2. Download the new version
  3. Upload and setup the new version in the Extension Manager. Check Overwrite existing extension
  4. Execute the update script of the extension (green circular arrow) in the Extension manager
  5. Remove the Aimeos extension template from the root template and add it again:
    • Remove it by selecting the entry in the left box and click on the X-button on the right side of the box
    • Save the changes
    • Add it by clicking on the "Aimeos configuration" entry in the right box, so it's shown in the left box again
    • Save the changes
  6. Clear all TYPO3 caches

Upgrade from previous versions

from 2.x to 16.x

  • Due to the move to PSR-4 (namespaced classes), "Default" as class name isn't allowed any more and all classes have been changed its name to "Standard". This does also affect the configuration settings. All occurences of "default" have been replaced by "standard".
  • There have been a lot of cleanups and improvements. A full list of breaking changes is available in the changelog

from 2.0 to 2.1

  • Parameter names have been changed to improve compatibility
  1. adapt your custom RealURL configuration (if needed) by using the new parameter names
  2. remove the typo3conf/realurl_autoconf.php file so it's created again using the new parameter names
  • Catalog "listsimple" plugin was renamed to "suggest", so in the backend
  1. edit the plugin on the "Search" page of the shop and select "Aimeos Shop - Catalog suggest JSON"
  2. edit the "Aimeos Shop - Catalog Filter" plugin on the "List" page of the shop and select the "Search" page for the "Page with suggestions for search filter" setting

Upgrade from Arcavias

As the Aimeos TYPO3 extension is based on the Arcavias one, an upgrade should be possible without problems. Due to the new name, you have to change the prefixes for the configuration options you've added on your own to

  1. plugin.tx_aimeos.settings....

If your TYPO3 installation contains several shops with one page tree each, you have to change the PageTS configuration as well to

  1. tx_aimeos.mshop.locale.site = ...