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The Aimeos TYPO3 extension integrates the Arcavias PHP web shop library within any TYPO3 installation. The most obvious advantage of this extension is the direct, seamless and easy integration of Aimeos in an existing TYPO3 website like a company internet presence. But there is more: The Aimeos frontend can be adapted to the corporate design using usual TYPO3 techniques.

The extension provides several plug-ins for certain functionalities (product filter, article listings, detail view, basket, checkout, etc.) which can be placed anywhere on any TYPO3 page. Furthermore the Aimeos administration interface is accessible via the TYPO3 back end, with no need of extra user accounts.

The Aimeos TYPO3 extensions use the following core versions:

  • 1.x releases use core 2014.x versions
  • 2.x releases use core 2015.x versions


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