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After creating the products and setting up the other parts of the system, customers should now be able to order your products. The order panel is the place where existing orders can be viewed or status values, addresses and service data be managed. The order panel does NOT allow you to delete orders and change the ordered products other than setting new status values. This is for traceability and to comply with laws of most countries.

List of orders

Order list

The list view provides a paged list of all available orders, which can be filtered by various, order-related criteria. The most important columns are shown by default but the list of columns can be adapted via the list header. Orders can be edited by clicking on the list item.

You can also export all orders that match the current search filter by clicking on the download symbol in the right corner of the list header. This will create an export job that is executed by a cron job. Usually, the order export will be created within five minutes and is then available in the dashboard view.

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