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Subscription details

Subscription details

The first four fields define the subscription and can be changed manually but keep care! Otherwise, it may have unexpected results!

Status of the subscription. Only enabled subscriptions are renewed.
A date period definition starting with the character "P" and followed by positive numbers (including zero) for years, months, weeks and days suffixed by the characters "Y" (year), "M" (month), "W" (week) and "D" (days). Examples are "P1Y0M0W0D" (for one year intervals), "P06M0W0D" (for six month intervals), "P0Y0M10W0D" (for 10 week intevals) or "P0Y1M0W14D" (for one month and fourteen days). As months have a different number of days, the last example is a different period than "P0Y0M6W0D" (one month and two weeks vs. six weeks).
Next date 
Date of the next subscription renewal. If "Next date" isn't set, the subscription hasn't started yet because the "subscription/process/begin" job controller hasn't been executed yet after the subscription has been created. The subscription is only renewed if the "Next date" value is before or at the same day as the "End date" value (if an end date is set).
End date 
Date when the subscriptions ends. If no "End date" is set, the subscriptions is renewed forever until someone cancels the subscription by setting an end date.

The next fields are only informational and can't be changed:

Site (read-only) 
Code of the site the order was created in. If you have only one shop, this is usually "default", the codes for other sites depends on what was entered when the site was created.
Customer ID (read-only) 
Unique ID of the customer if he has created a permanent account in the shop.
Currency (read-only) 
The currency that is used in the order and for the payment.
Language (read-only) 
The language that is used within the order. For e-mails sent to the customers, the language field in their addresses has priority if available

Order related details

The "Product" section contains the product that were bought by the customer as subscription.

Name (read-only) 
Product name in the language of the customer. Listed below are the chosen variant attributes and options by the customer. The last line contains the product code to uniquely identify the product article
Quantity (read-only) 
Number of products bought by the customers
Price (read-only) 
Price for one product + shipping costs per product - granted rebates
Sum (read-only) 
Same information as in the price column but multiplied by the quantity

The "Billing address" section contains the billing address details of the customer.

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