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Class name of the used supplier client implementation

client/jsonapi/supplier/name = Standard
  • Default: Standard
  • Type: string - Last part of the class name
  • Since: 2017.03


Each default JSON API client can be replace by an alternative imlementation. To use this implementation, you have to set the last part of the class name as configuration value so the client factory knows which class it has to instantiate.

For example, if the name of the default class is


and you want to replace it with your own version named


then you have to set the this configuration option:

client/jsonapi/supplier/name = Mysupplier

The value is the last part of your own class name and it's case sensitive, so take care that the configuration value is exactly named like the last part of the class name.

The allowed characters of the class name are A-Z, a-z and 0-9. No other characters are possible! You should always start the last part of the class name with an upper case character and continue only with lower case characters or numbers. Avoid chamel case names like "MySupplier"!

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