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<translate> Importing the required pages including the plug-ins and the required configuration is the easiest way to setup a new Aimeos shop in a TYPO3 installation.


First of all, please download the package that fits best for your needs (use right-click on the link and choose 'Save as...'). Each package contains a full Aimeos shop page tree:

Afterwards, you can import this file into your TYPO3 page tree.

Note: If you use a different back-end column layout, please move the plug-ins to the columns your front-end is using.

Go to the import view

  • In Web::Page, root page (the one with the globe)
  • Right click on the globe
  • Move the cursor to "Branch actions"
  • In the sub-menu, click on "Import from .t3d"

Upload the page tree file

  • In the page import dialog
  • Select the "Upload" tab (2nd one)
  • Click on the "Select" dialog
  • Choose the file you've downloaded
  • Press the "Upload files" button

Import the uploaded page tree file

  • In Import / Export view
  • Select the uploaded file from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the "Preview" button
  • The pages that will be imported are shown below
  • Click on the "Import" button that has appeared
  • Confirm to import the pages

Now you have a new page "Shop" in your page tree including all required sub-pages.

Configure the shop page tree


There's one setting that can't be determined automatically and you have to configure the page ID of your "My account" page manually in the "Setup" section of your TypoScript:

  • Go to "WEB -> Template"
  • Select the parent page of the imported pages
  • Make sure that "Info/Modify" is selected in the drop-down above
  • Click on the "Setup" link
  • Move your mouse over the "My account" page in the page tree
  • Replace the value in the "config.typolinkLinkAccessRestrictedPages = ..." line with the ID of your "My account" page
  • Save the changes with one of the disk icons above

At last, you need to set the password for the test account:

  • Go to "WEB -> List"
  • Select the "Users" sysfolder in the imported page tree
  • Edit the "test" user, add a new password and save

Details and manual setup

With importing the TYPO3 page tree for Aimeos you don't have to care about the details. If you would like to understand, what importing the pages into your TYPO3 installation does, then these articles will help you to grasp the details:

Note: When setting up the pages manually, you have to add the Aimeos TypoScript template yourself to your root shop page!

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