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Name of the backup for sucessfully imported files

controller/jobs/customer/group/import/xml/backup =
  • Default:
  • Type: integer - Name of the backup file, optionally with date/time placeholders
  • Since: 2019.04

After a XML file was imported successfully, you can move it to another location, so it won't be imported again and isn't overwritten by the next file that is stored at the same location in the file system.

You should use an absolute path to be sure but can be relative path if you absolutely know from where the job will be executed from. The name of the new backup location can contain placeholders understood by the PHP DateTime::format() method (with percent signs prefix) to create dynamic paths, e.g. "backup/%Y-%m-%d" which would create "backup/2000-01-01". For more information about the date() placeholders, please have a look into the PHP documentation of the format() method.

Note: If no backup name is configured, the file or directory won't be moved away. Please make also sure that the parent directory and the new directory are writable so the file or directory could be moved.

See also:

  • controller/jobs/customer/group/import/xml/domains
  • controller/jobs/customer/group/import/xml/max-query


File or directory where the content is stored which should be imported

controller/jobs/customer/group/import/xml/location =
  • Default:
  • Type: string - Absolute file or directory path
  • Since: 2019.04

You need to configure the XML file or directory with the XML files that should be imported. It should be an absolute path to be sure but can be relative path if you absolutely know from where the job will be executed from.

See also:

  • controller/jobs/customer/group/import/xml/container/type
  • controller/jobs/customer/group/import/xml/container/content
  • controller/jobs/customer/group/import/xml/container/options


Maximum number of XML nodes processed at once

controller/jobs/customer/group/import/xml/max-query = 1000
  • Default: 1000
  • Type: integer - Number of XML nodes
  • Since: 2019.04

Processing and fetching several customer group items at once speeds up importing the XML files. The more items can be processed at once, the faster the import. More items also increases the memory usage of the importer and thus, this parameter should be low enough to avoid reaching the memory limit of the PHP process.

See also:

  • controller/jobs/customer/group/import/xml/domains
  • controller/jobs/customer/group/import/xml/backup


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