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#4792 by tkristis
19 Oct 2017, 17:37
Hi, we're trying to upload product image via admin dashboard on a staging environment on AWS with ec2.

We're using ubuntu 16.04, with the latest aimeos version, with PHP 7.0, and laravel 5.5.

I have issue when uploading new product image from local computer.
Error: Couldn't create directory "files/9/a", /var/www/html/app/vendor/aimeos/aimeos-core/lib/mwlib/src/MW/Filesystem/Standard.php:78

But I don't have this issue when uploading image to local laravel environment.

Anyone can show a way how to solve it?


Just needed to set permissions for public folder

Code: Select allsudo chgrp -R www-data public

Code: Select allsudo chmod -R ug+rwx public