How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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15 Sep 2017, 21:20

This is my first week with Aimeos / Laravel Version: 2017.07.2

I am trying to enable category breadcrumbs in the detail page.
Is there any step by step process to achieve this.

Note: I saw a post stating, multiple categories can be assigned to a product.
However, is there a way to set primary category to product? and show that category path as a breadcrumb?

Note: I am new to Aimeos and simple answer would be appreciated.

Thank you,
#4604 by aimeos
16 Sep 2017, 10:40
The breadcrumb is available by default if the user was in a category before he proceed to the detail page like here ( "You are here: Home" :

There's no default category. Thus, the user will be able to get back to the category he was browsing before or to the list of search results if he used the full text or faceted search. The /list page is a search result by default if you don't configure a default category for that page: