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#4554 by DirkDittmar
01 Sep 2017, 14:45

first of all I have to admit that I'm absolutely new to Aimeos and I'm not very good at PHP. So sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm using 2017.07.4 (core) with Slim 3.8.1 and PHP 7.0 ...

I have to trigger the jobs through a REST API.

I've looked at
Code: Select alljobs.php
and of cause I looked at
Code: Select all\Aimeos\Slim\Command\Jobs
. My idea was to do something like the
Code: Select all\Aimeos\Slim\Command\Jobs::execute()
method. The problem is that I can not get the required objects.

Any idea welcome :)


#4555 by aimeos
03 Sep 2017, 08:13
You will get into maximum execution time problems if you execute the jobs from a web environment. Instead, you should store the job requests in a file or the database and execute the jobs by a cronjob regularly depending on the stored requests.
#4557 by aimeos
04 Sep 2017, 08:46
You can copy the jobs.php file and remove the check for the CLI environment. But be careful to protect the new script by HTTP auth or something similar. Otherwise, everybody can execute all jobs.