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#4588 by jenlara
13 Sep 2017, 15:12

Is there any great difference in choosing slim over laravel?

Can we build big intensive sites on slim package or it best suited for sites with articles
A. 10 to 100
B. 100 to 250
C. 250 to 500

#4589 by aimeos
13 Sep 2017, 19:58
There's no difference between Laravel and Slim regarding the number of articles. In both cases Aimeos can handle in the default MySQL setup up to 100k articles. There's also almost no difference in speed between both (ca. 40ms reponse time for list and detail views in optimized setups).

The difference is how much you need to implment yourself. For example, Laravel already contains user accounts and registration, password forgotten and other things. You have to care about that in Slim yourself so for shops without user accounts, Slim fits well. For all others we would recommend Laravel.