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#4907 by Bevi
09 Nov 2017, 16:48
Laravel 2017.10

Hello sir, :)
I would like to make a filter to search words inside my description field.

Let's say I have a description field that says "blue silk socks" and I want to make a query that filter the word "socks."
What should I do to put a filtered word in an anchor?

I already have an anchor for the category "clothes"
Code: Select all <li><a class="btn btn-default"href="/list?f_name=clothes&f_catid=2">Clothes</a></li>

Now I want another anchor that does something like "/list?f_name=clothes&f_catid=2 and "socks" in field description"

I hope you understand what I wanna do.

Thanks in advance :D
#4933 by Bevi
10 Nov 2017, 16:06
Ok, I made some anchors like
Code: Select all<li><a class="btn btn-default"href="/list?f_search=socks">Socks</a></li>

It's working fine but the f_search content gets injected into the searchbar
Is there a way to clear the searchbar after clicking the anchor without losing the filtered content? :geek:
#5124 by Bevi
27 Nov 2017, 15:39
Hello again, Sir.
Is there a way to create sub-categories?

Let's say I have a category called "cars", and then I need 2 subcategories called "electric cars" and "essence cars."

If the client clicks on cars, he'll see both of the subcategories, if he clicks "electric cars" he'll only display electric cars.

I would like to handle these using anchors instead of many checkboxes.
#5134 by aimeos
27 Nov 2017, 22:12
What does "anchors" vs. "checkboxes" mean?

You can configure showing products also from sub-categories in parent categories:

If you want to have more control, you can add your products to both categories (parent and child)