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#4989 by mattdev
15 Nov 2017, 18:20
I am trying to setup the selections for my e-commerce and somewhere I am hitting a snag. I will explain the steps that I am doing and please correct me if I am wrong with any of them.

1. I create the attributes for the product in the product that they relate to.
2. I assign the attributes to the product and change the type to "variant".
3. I create the Selection Product with the Products that have the attributes that I would like to have for a selection.

Is this correct? I am trying to work my way through the instructions on ... l_products and I am not getting something right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
#4994 by aimeos
15 Nov 2017, 22:23
Can't see an error in you description. Can you please go to the simple mode and open your selection product? Go the the "Variants" tab, there should be your articles listed together with the assigned variant attributes. You should use this interface instead because the ExtJS expert mode will be removed in the next version.
#5002 by mattdev
16 Nov 2017, 20:21
I have add two of variables in place and I am not being able to see the value of both of them on the selector product page. I am only able to part of one. Any suggestions?
Example of the variant selectors.
Example.PNG (14.7 KiB) Viewed 477 times
#5008 by aimeos
16 Nov 2017, 21:44
Yes, the expert mode will go away in the next version.

You mistake is that you think that the variant attributes will both show up in the frontend even if you only have one articles. For your example, you need 4 articles in your selection product: One for each combination of "orientation" and "corner" - provided all four combinations should be possible.
#5024 by aimeos
18 Nov 2017, 11:13
Maybe we misunderstood what you really need because it seems that variants of selection products are not what you are looking for. Can you please explain again what the frontend should display using a suitable example (maybe a drawing helps a lot)?