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#5398 by sixbynine
12 Jan 2018, 18:16

I'm trying to get the confirmation e-mail sent after a purchase is completed but I did not succeed for the moment. Eveything works fine with the purchase, I get the message:


Thank you for your order.
We received your payment and an e-mail with the order details will be sent to you within the next few minutes."

But the e-mail is never received.

What is the best way to debug an "email not sent" with Aimeos? Could I find an error logged somewhere?

I added the smtp details in the .env and mail.php and
Code: Select all'email' => array(
               'from-email' => '',   
               'from-name' => 'test',

in the shop.php config file :

Maybe I forgot something else?

What do you suggest?

Thank you very much !
#5411 by sixbynine
13 Jan 2018, 15:14

Thank you very much for your answer.

I just enabled the cronjb with the artisan aimeos:jobs "order/email/payment " command (it wasn't) and I cleared the cache.

But I still did not receive any e-mails.

I guess I need to check :

- If I forgot something in the e-mail or payment config
- If the cronjobs are well processed (I don't know how)
- If an error occurs and is returned when sending an e-mail (I don't know how)

Thank you a lot in advance !
#5419 by sixbynine
15 Jan 2018, 22:55
Thank you very much for your answer.

There is no record for "email-sent" in the database...

And I finally found an error logged: Error while trying to send payment e-mail for order ID "xx" and status "6": No value for key "summaryBasket" found.