How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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#5424 by ntnsapre
16 Jan 2018, 20:43
I've spent hours on this and I have a feeling I'm just doing it all wrong. How do I filter the list of products using the JSONAPI endpoint /jsonapi/product ? I specifically want to filter it by category and attributes.

Everything I try either returns ALL products, or returns name not valid. Here are a few things I've tried:


Aimeos version: 2017.10
PHP version: 7.1
Package: Laravel
Environment: Linux
#5425 by aimeos
16 Jan 2018, 20:58
#5837 by Anshul Dua
15 Mar 2018, 13:48
I created a attribute and add in a product characteristics and in options. But i am not able to search that particular product with that attribute id. If list the attribute is listing with product.
Can you tell me what is the reason?