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#5621 by Mathlin Comos
01 Feb 2018, 16:33

It may be a simple task to you but I am having trouble with the import of different variants for a product.

My test.csv file:
Code: Select all1001,"select","Example_Name","default","color","green",

And my mapping ( I am using typo3):
Code: Select allitem{

I want to add different variants to the first product, but I may missunderstood sth. in the documentation.
I also tried a lot of different methods (e.g. changing the order of the products) but the solution seems to be far away...
The import creates 2 different products and the variants/attributes of the first product are not showing up in the first product.

Thank you!

Typo3: 8.7.9 Aimeos:18.1.0 PHP:7.2 Environment:Linux/Debian
#5625 by Mathlin Comos
02 Feb 2018, 14:18
So I actually managed to create the variants in the selection product by importing the variants first and then linking the selection product to the variant products. I hope there is another way because you will have to have tons of lines with links in the selection product column.

Please let me know if you have any solution
Thank you!
#5629 by aimeos
02 Feb 2018, 17:52
Unfortunately no. You have to create the articles before your can create the selection products because you can't reference non-existing articles. That will cause integritiy errors which you can't avoid.
#5632 by Mathlin Comos
02 Feb 2018, 18:32
Sorry if I repeat myself, but is there no way in adding the link to the selection product by creating the default product / the variant ?
I've read through some other threads (e.g. laravel-package-f18/import-from-csv-t834.html) which has been created 2 years ago. It seems to work for him by creating the selection product first and then adding the different variants of the product to the selection product. Did this feature got removed?

Thank you again.
#5635 by aimeos
04 Feb 2018, 15:22
Not at the moment. It's only possible in the selection product by listing the product codes of the articles separated by comma. You could implement another import processor that adds the reference for the article to the selection product. But in this case, you can only add references but not delete old ones.