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#5730 by michal.fehér
22 Feb 2018, 14:26
Hi. Is there a way how to configure system to display variant data when user is inside of Selection product detail?

For example:
I have a selection product called "Colorful T-shirt" with 1 variant attribute "color" with 3 values red, black, green.
When user choose in dropdown black color, I want all the information to be updated according to that variant product (the same way how price is updated), for example if there is different description, I want to display that instead of description of selection product.

Other thing that would help is generating unique URL when user choose specific variant, so if user sends the link, it would open that specific variant instead of selection product with all variant attributes empty.

Is this something I need to customise or is this behaviour provided out of the box?

#5739 by aimeos
23 Feb 2018, 00:11
Showing the data of the article instead of the selection product works for prices, attributes and properties at the moment. You can extend it in the same way for the other information as it's only hidden by CSS and shown with a line of JS code if the variant attributes changes. Would be great if you would create a pull request with your changes to get that into the Aimeos core as well so it will be maintained in the future for you.

Regarding the URL, you have to change the URL via Javascript if the variant attributes changes and preselect them based on the URL parameter.