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#5765 by michal.fehér
26 Feb 2018, 18:05
Hi. Are product tags still available in Administration? I can see it in docs ( ... l-tags.png), I can see the table in database, but I dont see section in admin.

The reason I am asking: I want to implement product labels, such as "New", "Discount", "Popular" etc. which would be visible in frontend too. I dont want to put it as an atribute or property, I want to have a separate section for this so it's not messy. I wanted to use tags for this purpose and then just make it visible in frontend.

#5772 by aimeos
26 Feb 2018, 23:31
The infrastructure for tag (clouds) is there but you can't manage them in the admin interface at the moment nor are they used in the frontend in any way up to now but handling would be very similar to attributes. An alternative would be to store a CSS class in the config field of the products for now.