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#5786 by ntnsapre
03 Mar 2018, 07:09
If I have two coupons, one a PercentRebate and the other FixedRebate. Is there a way to force the order - such that the PercentRebate is always applied first, followed by the FixedRebate? At the moment, no matter what order I apply the coupons, the FixedRebate is applied first, followed by the PercentRebate.


Aimeos version: 2017.10
PHP version: 7.1
Package: Laravel 5.5
Environment: Linux
#5787 by aimeos
03 Mar 2018, 17:44
Hm, according to the code, the coupons should be applied in the order they are added to the basket:



Their order is never change and the associative array keeps the order
#5788 by ntnsapre
04 Mar 2018, 04:02
Please see attached. If the 20% Discount is applied first, and the 100 USD rebate second, the total should be 1100 and the total discount should be 400.
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