How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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#5877 by technoxprt
22 Mar 2018, 16:18
I am using aiemos dev-master on laravel 5.4

How i can add my custom css and theme in shop frontend. Is there any way to override the templates and put those template in resources folder of laravel ?

Please help me on this
#5887 by gladgladwrap
25 Mar 2018, 03:43
Read the documentation under the heading "Don't Change the Package". Follow the instructions for adapting specific pages by making your own copies of the aimeos templates into your resources/views directory. You will have to create a vendor/shop/ directory within your views/ . You can then break up your purchased theme into partial files within your views/ and @include those partials.

Check out Laracasts tutorials. It will show you how to split up your template into partials and include those partials into your files.

You are to create a layouts/ directory within your resources/views/ directory.
Inside this layouts/ dir you make files for your nav and/or header, sidebar, footer, errors, etc.
You can also have a master blade file, or other variant files, which can contain variations of the other blade files. Structure your master.blade.php as follows:

Code: Select all<html>
<!-- all your meta details -->
   @include ('layouts.nav') 
   <div class="main-content">
              @yield ('content')
    @include ('layouts.sidebar')
    @include ('layouts.footer')

And then you will @extend your master.blade in your other views/ directories. From our resources/views/, this can be done by making alligator-sales/index.blade.php as follows:

Code: Select all@extends ('layouts.master')
@section ('content')
<div>All your content for this view.</div>
@include ('layouts.error')