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#5992 by Anshul Dua
09 Apr 2018, 08:37
Hi Team,
I am facing a problem in the ADD PRODUCT JSON API.
When I am trying to add a product with attribute number 1 and then same product with attribute number 2. It is adding these different-different products which is fine. But When i am adding same product with both attribute 1 and 2 then it is not adding that product with new entry. It is just increasing the quantity of product which added with attribute number 2 which is wrong.
Can you tell me why this is happening ? I want a new entry for this.
#5993 by aimeos
09 Apr 2018, 09:10
We haven't been able to reproduce the issue. Maybe it depends on your product/attribute setup or the parameters passed. You can check here why the products are merged: