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#6112 by IevIef
10 May 2018, 09:34

seems like for some unknown reason "Latest" are the one from the sort list which cannot be translated to russian (maybe to others too): "Упорядочить по: рейтингу Latest названию цене".
I see that it might be translated because it have the same as Relevance translation in [url]ru.po[/url] file: msgid "Latest"
msgstr "последнему" and in [url]\ext\ai-client-html\client\html\templates\catalog\lists\pagination-default.php[/url] it has
Code: Select all$this->translate( 'client', 'Latest' )
but instead of [url]$this->translate( 'client', 'Relevance' )[/url] it does not translated and return result in English - Latest.

Help with advice please.
#6118 by IevIef
12 May 2018, 17:32
Shure, I can translate to Ukrainian. How I see it was not translated yet. But I alredy translated this "Latest" and write it to the file but continuing return english variant instead of translated russian.. thats what I mean