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#6267 by sixbynine
26 Jun 2018, 16:27

I would like to help to translate Aimeos in french via transifex.
Since I guess it won't be completely translated, I wonder if it will be possible to update only aimeos languages later and how to do to get the updates in a language?

I'm also curious about the delay between a transifex translating work and its integration in aimeos package.

Thank you a lot in advance,

#6269 by aimeos
26 Jun 2018, 19:12
The next version (2018.07) of the core will be released next Monday. Everything you translate until then will be part of that release. If you manage to fully translate everything to french later, we can make a minor release including the translations. Otherwise, the normal minor release cycle is every four weeks where new translations can be included.

Integrating the translations only locally is a bit harder because you would need to fork the core and extensions due to the use of composer.