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#1549 by aimeos
15 Apr 2015, 21:29
aksenovaa wrote:This should be in the documentation and in the tooltip when you type "Attribute type code"

You are absolutely right. I've added at least a validation rule for this, which was quickly possible for all code fields.
#1551 by aimeos
16 Apr 2015, 07:57
aksenovaa wrote:And what about the broken filter?

Without spaces in attribute codes, the filter seems to work fine or do you still have problems?
#1556 by aimeos
18 Apr 2015, 13:53
aksenovaa wrote:It seems that nothing has changed. And what is used on the demo site? There is a filter in the theme elegance does not work:

We've found the problem: The faceted search in Google Chrome didn't work but in Firefox it did due to a Javascript method that submitted the form twice. Can you have a look at the latest core if it works now also for you?
#1558 by aimeos
18 Apr 2015, 20:19
aksenovaa wrote:Corefor myself, I have updated to the latest version. However, the filter does not work. Tried in Chrome and IE

Did you've used "phing update" or "composer update"? In the later case you might have forgot to copy the CSS and JS theme files to the "./Resources/Public/" folder like described here:

To get around this potential pitfall, I've added the copy statement to the aimeos.composer.json file so it will get executed automatically in the future.
#1559 by aksenovaa
19 Apr 2015, 08:27
Yes, copy the file theme. In my case, they still had to copy to the folder of my extensions.
(cp -r Resources / Libraries / arcavias / arcavias-core / client / html / themes / * path-to-extension / myextension / Resources / Public / Themes /). This must also be written in the documentation about the update.
However, the filter still no works ...