Remove / add attributes to the filter

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Re: Remove / add attributes to the filter

Post by aimeos » 19 Apr 2015, 11:10

aksenovaa wrote:Yes, copy the file theme. In my case, they still had to copy to the folder of my extensions.
(cp -r Resources / Libraries / arcavias / arcavias-core / client / html / themes / * path-to-extension / myextension / Resources / Public / Themes /). This must also be written in the documentation about the update.
You don't have to copy the complete "themes" directory to your own extension just for creating a theme for your site. The aimeos.js and aimeos-detail.js files in the "themes" directory are shared by all themes and each piece in it can be overwritten in your ./mytheme/aimeos.js file of your theme ( ... Javascript). So the best practice is to leave them in the directory of the Aimeos extension and only replace or add what you really need in your ./mytheme/aimeos.js" file.
aksenovaa wrote:However, the filter still no works ...
The problem the faceted filter still didn't work was: I've forgot to push the changes to GitHub. Sorry for that!
I've updated the TYPO3 demo ( where you should be able to test if the code works now for you or not. If yes, I will merge the change also to the stable branch so you will get the changes with the next "composer update" for sure.

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Re: Remove / add attributes to the filter

Post by aksenovaa » 19 Apr 2015, 15:08

Yes, it works. Thank you very much!

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