How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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#2724 by Mirco
26 Apr 2016, 15:59
I had done a update from aimeos version 2.3.1 (typo3 6.2.21) to 2.4.6.
If I add a product in to the cart following error pops up:
Class "MShop_Service_Provider_Decorator_Delivery" not available
I have no clue whats wrong.
Any help is appreciate, thanks.


PS: Where can I find the change logs?
#2725 by aimeos
27 Apr 2016, 10:03
Mirco wrote:Class "MShop_Service_Provider_Decorator_Delivery" not available

Hm, such a decorator isn't part of the Aimeos core and hasn't been in the past. Please check in the admin interface -> Service tab if there's an entry that contains "...,Delivery" as provider. If yes, remove the ",Delivery" if you know that it doesn't exist in an extension you use.

Mirco wrote:PS: Where can I find the change logs?

Within the LTS release, only bugfixes have been applied: