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#2911 by anupy27
21 Jun 2016, 11:47

I have been trying to import product using CSV, its a sample file provided by Aimeos but its only getting entered in table madmin_job and file getting uploaded in folder ./public/uploads/514f0dcf1c0924a7b3c4979a8af08e52.csv but products not getting imported, please help.

Not getting any error.
#2912 by aimeos
21 Jun 2016, 12:08
The import/export in the expert admin interface is only for product texts! When you want to import new product texts, you have to set up a cronjob for the "admin/job" task so the jobs in the "madmin_job" table will be processed.

You most likely want to import the products itself. In this case you need to place the import file in the file system (the directory depends on the controller/jobs/product/import/csv/location configuration) and run the "product/import/csv" job task from command line or a cronjob. You will find detailed information about importing products at