How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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#2994 by wassim.hattab
13 Jul 2016, 09:49
Hello, I downloaded the aimeos demo and working on it,
I'm trying to add new products with new images ,colors, width and length but the colors , width and length are not showing on the frontend.

Had anyone faced such problem?
#2996 by aimeos
13 Jul 2016, 20:31
What do you want to achieve? A selection product with variants or configurable attributes?
Your product will currently display the attributes in the "Characteristics" section on the product detail page
#3015 by ivofrie
17 Jul 2016, 10:59
Hello Wassim,
I had the same problem. A change of the List type to "Configurable" should help.
Kind regards, Ivo