How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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#3049 by jossnaz
22 Jul 2016, 01:27
first of all, i am happy i found this. This shop looks awesome. I worked with woocommerce before and even had a go at magento. Nightmare!

2 questions, note i am a developer.

1.) first what are the other attribute list types apart from default?

i was looking here ... ct_details but couldn't find details to the attributes

EDIT: i guess for this use case I use "property" i guess that is the word for configuration i was looking for in the import and could not find?
here is my a bit special use case. A client is selling colors, he has around 1100 colors. These colors are unique to most products, but not all. That is, each product has a color. So we store a rgb value per product and as well a unique name. Now i could create 1100 attributes for all colors... but is that really the idea?
another thing, there is a SKU code for each item, where we use the product code field for... but there is as well a second unique product code per item that is not the SKU code that we use internally. Are we supposed to store them as attribute as well?
wouldnt it be better adding some new columns or maybe even new table?

I have seen that there exists "product configuration", maybe that is the thing I want to use?

but how can I import them via csv?
configuration does not seem to exist in the mapping ... sv/mapping

thanks so much
#3057 by aimeos
22 Jul 2016, 20:42
For the list type, please have a look into the appropriate *_type tables (or in the Types tab of the expert mode admin interface) to see what other types exist. You are free to add your own ones depending on your data.

Yes, properties are what you should use in your case. Properties are specific for a product while attributes are shared between products and used for the faceted search.
#3064 by jossnaz
22 Jul 2016, 21:45
sorry, my question was wrong. I don't want to know what they are, but what they are good for. I could see there are other list types but I didn't understand for what I should use them, and it was not mentioned in the docs what they are good for.
#3066 by aimeos
22 Jul 2016, 22:44
List type codes are available per domain (product, attribute, text, etc.) For attributes, there are
- config : Attribute for options selected by the customer, maybe with an additional price
- variant : Variant attribute for an article in a selection product
- hidden : Attribute value stored with the ordered product but not shown in the frontend
- custom : A custom attribute where the user can enter a value, e.g. for a text that should be printed on the product

I've missed some of your questions in your first post.
1.) Extend tables:
Aimeos is designed to be so flexible that you almost never need to extend an existing table. It requires a new type of thinking to some extend because most data is organized in lists (texts, media, property, etc.).
2.) Import product properties:
Sure, in the link to the configuration setting you've posted, there's an example for one product property included. You can configure as many as you need for your CSV.