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#3686 by gilbertsoft
28 Nov 2016, 15:11
Hello again!

I got some serious problems with selections in bundles, where should the user select the variant attributes? There's nothing shown. Then I tried the demo data, if I add the "Demo bundle article" to the basket there is the error "Preis-Item nicht verfügbar" shown. There is also no variant attribute shown, so I think that's the reason of the error message, no unique product can be found because no variants are specified!

#3699 by aimeos
30 Nov 2016, 10:03
The demo is OK and works, e.g.:

The bundle product has some limitations. Bundles of articles are perfectly fine and work as you expect. Bundles of selection products are not fully supported because only the selection product itself is added to the order. You need to add the possible variant attributes to the bundle product so you can determine the right article afterwards.

This is not perfect but bundles are problematic if you try to use
- several selection products in a bundle
- bundles of bundles
In these cases, the shop can't resolve the articles any more even if a single selection product in a bundle would work.
#3707 by gilbertsoft
30 Nov 2016, 16:04
Are there any plans to extend this functionality?

If not I'll do it myself: my idea is to show the attributes of selections in bundles grouped by the selection. This should solve the first issue, but not the one with bundles in bundles. Should not be a big thing, what do you think? Any other suggestions? Of course I'll push it to the repo at the end.
#3710 by aimeos
01 Dec 2016, 10:29
We would happily accept a PR for implementing this feature :-)
You need to adapt the basket controller too, so it's able to select the variant based on the chosen attributes. That's the hard part.