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#3812 by gilbertsoft
09 Jan 2017, 17:21
Hi and a happy new year!

I got a strange behaviour with variant attributes configured as radio and icons in selections with 12*2 subproducts: for the last variant the link on the icon links to the image instead to the action updating the product as the others do. The selection has to variants, one with 12 items, the other with 2 items. I'm using FireFox, but Chrome has the same problem. Other browsers I didn't test 'till now. But seems not to be a browser problem.

Aimeos is the lastest version on Typo3.

HTML code for all attributes is the same, I also didn't find something in aimeos.js. The only restriction I have found for a max of 32 elements is not reached.

Here is the example page: ... einfach/7/

#3814 by aimeos
10 Jan 2017, 09:47
Happy new year too! :-)

The link doesn't come from any Javascript, so I guess it's in your template. Please check if there's an "<a></a>" tag in one of these templates:

Maybe you've copied and modified one of them in your own extension?