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#3825 by benjamin.butschell
12 Jan 2017, 14:23

I have a selection product with configurable attributes. When an option of the configurable is selected, costs as defined in the backend are added. Price is correct and everything works as expected. The cart shows my product variant, with the hint of my selected configurable option. Great!

If I add the same product another time, but now without the configurable selected, it adds itself to the cart as new position, without the configurable hint. Everything correct so far. But the price is the same as the product with configurable option. The costs for the configurable are added, although they shouldn't.

Maybe the screenshot helps. Default price of the product is 165 €. Additional price of the configurable is 35€. So the first position should be 200€, but the second one should be only 165€. Why isn't this the case? What am I missing?

TYPO3 7.6.14
Aimeos 16.10.1
PHP 5.6, Linux
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#3827 by aimeos
12 Jan 2017, 20:49
This was the problem:
You can disable the ProductPrice plugin in the meantime (which causes the problem) until we release a new version.

Thank you for reporting! :-)